Weaving In Tamil Nadu

Weaving In Tamil Nadu


Silk Weaving and handicrafts are part and parcel of Indian tradition and in the Kanjivaram Silk Sari is a common fascination of the Indian woman. Even the foreigners prefer these sari and never forget to take a specimen of Kanjivaram Silk weaved in Tamil Nadu.

The most important fact about the Silk Weaving in Tamil Nadu is the exquisite art weaving the gorgeous Kanjivaram Sari. These saris hold special appeal for their luminosity. The shades offered in these saris are almost rare and unique.

Moreover the Silk Kanjivaram is one of the choicest menu is a lady’s cupboard. Silk has long been one of the favorite items of women and the exclusive Kanjivaram Sari that comes in Silk is adored by them who possess it, and cherished by them who wants to!


Kanjivaram ,Thanjavur And Kumbakonam Silks,Tamil Nadu.


Early records speak of fine muslin and silks and hand painted calicos that the Greeks came to buy from Tamizhagam, the home of Tamil. Uraiyur/Karur and Madurai, situated close to the cotton fields, were major centres of weaving. They still are the most prominent centers for the exquisite weaving products.

Weaving was a highly regarded profession. It is said the Chola princes wore only cotton. The king's robe was of quilted cotton, with a garment worked with gold. Soldiers also used quilted cotton fabrics.

Silk Weaving is one of the oldest handicraft works of India and dates back to the past years when these Saris were much in demand and people used to buy them. But with the advent of Western attires people have gradually lost their taste for these exclusive saris and silk weaving industry is thus receiving a setback. Silk Weaving and (especially Kanjivaram) is the heritage of India. It consists of gold thread works patterned over Kanjivaram Silk with quaint motifs that are always picturesque and appealing. Ceremonial occasions are almost always associated with the weaving of these saris and they glorify the lost ages and time immemorial.


Kanchipuram Silks :
Kanchipuram is famous for its silks. As the vast range of cottons are not withstanding, these textiles are overshadowed by their glamorous counterpart, the silks and more specifically those from Kanchipuram.

From Cotton To Silk :

Research suggests that silk was a new entrant into Kanchipuram, for till a century and a half back, Kanchipuram was primarily a cotton-weaving centre. It was the Thanjavur -Kumbakonam belt and 'Arni' along with Salem that produced the "Pattu Pudavai" Today the finer, better-woven and more expensive silk saris are from Kanchipuram.

Kanchipuram silk saris are woven in two parts. The Pallu-and-border are woven as one unit and attached to the body of the sari, which is woven separately. The motifs used are derived from traditional temple architectural forms.

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