Tiruchirapalli City

Tiruchirapalli City


Tiruchirappalli, situated on the banks of the river Cauvery is the fourth largest city in Tamil Nadu. It abounds in history. Once the citadel of the Cholas, this strategic city was under the reign of the descendants of the Pandiyas and Vijayanagar. Tiruchirappalli as it is today, was much too benevolent under the rule of the Nayaks of Madurai.

Tiruchirapalli is popularly known as Trichy, located on the banks of the Kaveri River and has centuries old history. Its most visible feature is of course the mammoth sized, actually 83 m high Rock Fort Temple, which in reality is part of a 3500-million-old hill. Another prominent feature includes the Ranganathaswamy Temple, which with its seven-walled complex is almost a small town in itself. As much for its temples, Trichy is a well-known centre for cigars, so much so that it is believed Winston Churchill himself preferred these cigars over the Cuban ones. In fact, these made Trichy so famous, that if you look up the word 'Trichinopoly' in the Encyclopedia Britannica, it actually means Tiruchirapalli!

Tiruchirappalli City Information Guide - Tiruchirappalli lies 320 km from Chennai on the banks of river Kavery in central Tamil Nadu. This fourth major city of Tamil Nadu has derived its name from the Jain monk 'Chira' and is often pronounced as 'Trichy'. With its rich history, this strategically located city plays a prime place in the history of TamilNadu tiruchirappalli tourism.

TiruchirappalliThe most famous land mark of this bustling town is the Rock fort Temple, a spectacular monument perched on a massive rocky out crop which rises abruptly from the plain to tower over the old city. It is 325 km south west of Madras. Tiruchirappalli was the heart of Tamil Nadu, situated at the head of the Kaveri delta. The Pallavas, Pandyas and Cholas chose this city for their feudal wars. The city is known for its temple architecture.

Its strategic location attracts several rulers namely the Cheras, the Cholas, the Pandyas, the Pallavas, the Vijaynagar rulers, the Marathas, the French and finally the British visit tiruchirappalli travel. The city with its renowned educational institutions, industries and temples is a leading commercial centre in Tamil Nadu.
The Rock Fort Temple built by the Nayaks is the important landmark of the city. Several festival are also organised here in the month of December and January showcasing the art and culture of the land tiruchirappalli

Situated at a distance of 320 km from Chennai and 150 km from Madurai, Tiruchirapalli, popularly known as Trichy, is a land of rich history and culture. Tiruchirapalli, the once fortress of Chola dynasty has retained its aura and exuberance that it used to enjoy earlier. The beautiful, massive temples dots this land, stand as icons and edifices of a prolific past. One sight of these temples is good enough to transport tourists into charismatic charm of its bygone era and experience the enchanting allure. Apart from temples, Trichy is also known for the famous and the fascinating Rock Fort, an architectural marvel that is built on a 83 m high rock, rising amidst the plains. This fort with a towering presence over the city has become a landmark that attracts a huge chunk of tourists into Tiruchirapalli. Undoubted, the center of attraction is Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple situated on an island in mid river, the temple complex covers an areas of whopping 250 hectares that makes it the largest temple in India.

Tiruchirappalli is situated on the banks of the River Kaveri. It is 320 kms. from Madras. This city was a Chola citadel during the Sangam Age. The Pandyas and Pallavas Held Sway over this region for short Periods. The Nayaks of Madurai built the town and the historic Rock Fort, which played a vital role in the Carnatic wars in the 18th Century. Today Tiruchirappalli is a blend of history and tradition-a pilgrim center as well as a thriving commercial city.

Location info:

Tiruchirappalli City,Tiruchirappalli District,Tamil Nadu,India


Summer:37.10°C (Max) 36.40°C (Min)
Winter:21.31°C (Max) 20.60°C (Min)

History of Tiruchirapalli City:

Woraiyur , a part of present day Tiruchirappalli, was the capital city of Cholas from 300 B.C. onwards. This is supported by archaeological evidences and ancient literatures. There are also literary sources which tell that Woraiyur continued to be under the control of Cholas even during the days of Kalabhra interregnum (A.D. 300 - 575).

Later, Woraiyur along with the present day Tiruchirappalli and its neighboring areas came under the control of Mahendra Varma Pallava I, who ascended the throne in A.D. 590. Till A.D. 880, according to the inscriptions, this region was under the hegemony of either the Pallvas or the Pandyas. It was in A.D. 880, Aditya Chola brought a downfall to the Pallava dynasty. From that time onwards Tiruchirappalli and its region became a part of Greater Cholas. In A.D. 1225 the area was occupied by the Hoysulas. Afterwards, it came under the rule of later Pandyas till the advent of Mughal Rule.

Tiruchirappalli was for some time under the Mughal rule, which was put to an end by the Vijayanagar rulers. The Nayaks, the Governors of Vijayanagar empire, ruled this area till A.D. 1736. It was Viswanatha Nayaka who built the present day Teppakulam and the Fort. The Nayak dynasty came to an end during the days of Meenakshi.

The Muslims rules this region again with the aid of either the French or the English armies. For some years, Tiruchirappalli was under the rule of Chanda Sahib and Mohamed Ali. Finally the English brought Tiruchirappalli and other areas under their control. Soon after the area was ceded to East India Company as per the agreement at the eve of the Kanatic war, Tiruchirappalli district was formed under the the Collectorship of Mr. John (Junior) Wallace in 1801. The district was then under the hegemony of British for about 150 years till the independence of India.

Educational Institutions Tiruchirapalli City:


  • Guru Durona Matric Hr. Sec. School
  • GD Matric Hr Sec School
  • Lawrence School,
  • Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan's Ramakrishna Dorairaj Sadan
  • Reneecare Play School
  • Railway Mixed Higher Secondary School
  • Sachidhandha Jothy Niketan Mat. Hr. Sec. School
  • Sitalakshmi Girls Higher Secondary School
  • The Laidlaw Memorial School & Junior College
  • Annai Mery Nursery School
  • P.S. Nursery And Primary School
  • Indira Matric Middle School
  • Murthuzavia Oriental High School
  • Brindhavan Matric Hr Sec School
  • Bethlehem Girls Higher Secondary School
  • Adarsh Senior Secondary School
  • St. Marys Nursery and Primary School


  • Angappa College of Arts and Science
  • Pioneer College of Arts and Science
  • Cah College Of Engineering & Technology
  • R.L college
  • V.J.P. College of Catering and Hotel Management
  • SACS M.A.V.M.M. Engineering College
  • Sai Jothi Teacher Training Institute
  • Sri Adi Chunchanagiri Women's College
  • Dr. S.N.S. Rajalakshmi College of Arts and Science
  • M.O.P. Vaishnav College for Women
  • Guru Shree Shanti Vijai Jain College for Women
  • C.L. Baid Mehta College of Pharmacy
  • Srimathi D.N. Bhat Vaishnav
  • Marudhar Kesari Jain College For Women
  • TamilNadu College of Engineering
  • S.D.N.B.Vaishnav College for women
  • Government Siddha Medical College, Palayamkottai
  • Vinayaka mission's kirupananda variyar Medical college


Tamil, and English are widely spoken by the people.


Fairs & Festivals in Tiruchirappalli:
Mohini Alangaram, Vaikunta Ekadesi, Garuda Sevai, Flower Festival and Car Festival at Sriangam-December-January.
The float festival at Teppakkulam -March-April. Samayapuram Mariamman Temple Poochorithal festival -April.

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Tourist Attraction of Tiruchirapalli City

Jambukeshwara Temple:
It is situated just 2 kilometers from the famous Srirangam temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. The temple complex comprises 5 concentric walls and seven Gopurams. The principal deity is the Shiva lingam, almost submerged in water, which flows from the subterranean spring that lies near the main sanctum.

Mariamman Temple:
It is located just 10 kilometers from the downtown Trichy. Mariamman is one of the most popular and most visited temples in the Peninsular India. The temple is dedicated to Mariamman, a manifestation of the primeval energy 'Shakti' as the mother Goddess. Local beliefs associate the deity with cures for diseases such as small pox and chicken pox.

It was a provincial capital of the Vijayanagar rulers that is located in the vicinity of Tiruchirapalli. It was also known as Vikramapuram.

Government Museum:
40 km from Trichy, the museum is located near the Pudukkottai station and houses rare and interesting collections of objects related to Geology, Zoology, Paintings, Anthropology, Epigraphy and Historical Records. However, it remains closed on Mondays.

Viralimalai Sanctuary:
A small town near Tiruchirappalli, it known for the spectacular Murugan temple and enchanting Peacock Sanctuary, where one can see a large number of wild peacocks roaming around. If you are lucky, you may also see them dancing.

Other temples in and around the city include Vayalur Subramniya Temple, Anbil, Appakudathan and Thiruvallarai Vishnu Temples, Uraiyur Nachiyaar Temple, Uraiyur Vekkali Amman Temple, Thiruppaigeeli Siva Temple, Gunaseelam Vishnu Temple and Thirupparaithurai Shiva temple.

Hotels/Lodge/Accommodation in Tiruchirapalli City:

Hotel Femina (P) Ltd:Williams Rd,Tiruchirappalli,Tamil Nadu,Ph:0431 2414501

Jennys Residency:3/14 Mc Donald's Road, Tiruchirapalli, Tamil nadu,Ph:0431 2414414

Ramyas Hotel:Williams Rd, Tiruchchirappalli, Tamil Nadu,Ph:0431 4000400

Ashby Hotel:Rockins Rd, Tiruchchirappalli,Tamil Nadu,Ph:0431 2460652

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